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Qualitron LVDT Probes and Interfaces

Qualitron UII and UII Jr. Qualitron UII & UII Jr. Universal Gage and LVDT Interfaces

Connect any brand of Digital, Analog, LVDT and RS-232 gages, sensors, probes, and/or instruments to your PC at one time -- mix & match the inputs. Choose from Qualitron UII 3-input up to 96-input models.

Connect any manufacturers' LVDT probes (½ bridge or full bridge).

No need for separate and expensive interfaces for each type of instrument !

The Qualitron UII is a true universal gage interface !


FlexProbe Digital LVDT Probes Qualitron FlexProbe Digital LVDT Probes

Convert the output of an LVDT probe into standard RS-232 or Mitutoyo output format.
  • Interface to PC's or PLC's RS-232 serial port or Mitutoyo-compatible system, i.e., Qualitron GageNET
  • An LVDT probe with absolute digital output
  • Fully integrated electronics - no conditioning or amplification circuitry required
  • Accuracy is linear over the entire measurement range and not restricted by LVDT's null point
  • Pre-calibrated - no mastering or calibration required
  • FlexProbe offers robustness and resolution of a traditional LVDT probe, with the ease of use and simplicity of a Digital Indicator.


E-1300 LVDT Gage Probes Qualitron E-1300 LVDT Probes

Feature the latest LVDT full-bridge technology and are outstanding for accuracy and linearity. Available in Spring Push and Pneumatic Push models.
  • rugged design for use in production gage fixtures
  • shockproof and protected against mechanical damage through a pre-loaded linear ball bearing for the plunger
  • mountable over their entire length
  • corrosion resistant stainless steel bodies and rubber plunger boots to seal out contaminants

A full line of additional Analog and Digital LVDT Probes is available from Qualitron Systems.
Please contact Qualitron directly and specify type, range, accuracy, etc.

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