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Qualitron Industrial Keyboards Tough, NEMA 4/12 Keyboards

Industrial Keyboard without Mouse

Model 30-020
Industrial Keyboard without Mouse
Industrial Keyboard with Integrated Mouse

Model 30-021
Industrial Keyboard with Integrated Mouse

In a high-stress environment where downtime can be a disaster, your process control systems demand peripherals that can take punishment and keep on working. Qualitron Systems offers high-impact, industrial quality keyboards, which integrate with any PC compatible workstations. Our products meet or exceed the most rigorous industry-mandated standards and all NEMA 4/12 specifications.

The industrial silicone elastomer keypad and fully sealed steel housing provide protection against even the most severe elements. The housing is made of 16 gauge powder-coated steel. Housing dimensions are 13.25-in. width x 8.75-in. length x 1.5-in. thickness. The keyboards are XT, AT, and PS/2 compatbile, and come with a 6 ft. cable and 5-pin DIN or 6-pin Mini DIN connector (PS/2).

The 81 key QWERTY layout provides 101 key functionality in 40% less space. Users will appreciate the full travel keys. The key switch provides a standard 0.080 inch of travel with tactile feedback.

The integrated industrial mouse in Model 30-021 is a silicon-rubber actuator that delivers simultaneous 360° control of direction and speed with the touch of a fingertip. The mouse is designed with an integrated sealing rib for a water-tight seal.

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  • Completely sealed, 16 gauge steel housing

  • NEMA 4/12 rated

  • PC XT, AT and PS/2 compatible

  • Compact size housing with full size standard keys

  • Full travel keys in familiar QWERTY layout

  • Ideal for tough factory floor environments

  • Material: Industrial Silicone Rubber
  • Life: Greater than 10 million cycles
  • Travel: 0.080 in. (2 mm)
  • Actuation Force: 5 oz. (130 g)
  • Feedback: Tactile with mechanical snap
  • Keyboard: 5V @ 20ma from CPU port
  • Mouse: 5V @ 10ma from connection port
  • Temperature: -40 F to +194 F (-40C to +90C)
  • Humidity: 100% Humidity Resistant
  • Shock: 50 G @ 11 msec on each of 3 axes

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