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Qualitron SPC & Gaging Workstations
Complete & Integrated SPC Solutions
Save on Q3000-486 Industrial Computers
The Qualitron SPC & Gaging Workstations are complete and integrated solutions to your factory floor, SPC requirements. Users can interface gages with SPC data collection software by taking advantage of the high-speed performance and unparalleled data acquisition capabilities of the Qualitron Industrial Computers and the Qualitron Gage Interfaces.


Qualitron Industrial Touch Screen Computers
Q4000 Q3000
Qualitron Industrial Touch Screen Computers

Qualitron Q4000 - Compact Housing
- Fully Expandable
- External Gage Interfaces

Qualitron Q3000 - Built-in Gage Interfaces
- Built-in Industrial Keyboard

One of the Qualitron Q3000 Series unique features is its built-in Gage & LVDT Interface Capabilities for real-time control and automated data collection. The Qualitron GageNET and/or UII are built into a side panel of the Q3000 Series -- shown above with built-in 24-port Qualitron UII.

For the Q4000 Series and Q2000 Series, the Qualitron GageNET and UII are available as external units.

This unique feature provides:
  • Up to 24 built-in ports, expandable to 96 ports

  • Connect any digital, analog, RS-232 and LVDT gages, sensors, probes directly to Q3000 Industrial Computers -- mix & match

  • Connect any manufacturers' LVDT probes (½ bridge or full bridge), e.g., Marposs, Air Gage, Solartron, Mitutoyo, Brown & Sharpe, RDP Electrosense, Mahr, Machsize, IET Sensors, GCS Emtron, Schaevitz, Federal Products, etc., directly to Q3000 Industrial Computers

  • Use with any third party SPC software or other data acquisition software


Digital Gage Interfaces Universal Gage Interfaces

Qualitron GageNET Digital Gage Interfaces
Qualitron GageNET
or FlexCable

Interface Digital Gages directly
to Qualitron Industrial Computers.

Connect up to 64 inputs from any manufacturer's gage
to any software.

Qualitron UII Universal Multi-Port Data Collectors
Qualitron UII

Interface all Gages & LVDT Probes directly to Qualitron Industrial Computers.

Connect up to 96 inputs from any brand of digital, analog, LVDT and RS-232 gages, sensors, probes, instruments -- mix & match.

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